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amnimaken, the name of the site, easy to write, but it's hard to remember, as well as my favorite peak Amnye Machen (Tibetan sounds «amnimaken») easy to remember but hard to climb at.

My name is Oleg Gritskevich, I was born and grew up somewhere there.
Along the way I’m fortunate to spend a good amount of time on personal projects in tourism and publishing, traveling and working as mountain guide.

Photography is not my major profession, but I like to photograph the way subjects make me feel, since my early days when I used to sniff fixer in the dark room together with my father.

Never sought for awards on this field, but was often have been honored with orders from the magazines like Onboard, Outside, National Geographic, Washington Post and others. Invitation to the headquarters of the National Geographic’s Society in 2011 was the dearest to me.

Over the years of photo experience I have amassed large collection from different places and events. This website is an attempt to show some of them. I will be glad if my photos are interesting for commercial purposes, but the main thing is to please you.

Since 2010 I permanently live on Gudauri ski resort — a quiet and beautiful place of the Caucasus mountains in Georgia and I'm ready to create new outstanding visuals of the region for you.

+995 591 340 500